M.A. Fine Art

Art today is made and exhibited across borders by artists whose networks and methodologies encompass a diversity of disciplines and contexts. The MA Fine Art at WSA is grounded in understanding and questioning this increasingly globalised culture. Contemporary art for us requires both personal reflection and an engagement with the world at large, a world that is experiencing great change on all levels.

Our MA Fine Art provides you with opportunities for direct experience of not just contemporary art but also a breadth of radical cultural innovation from thewider society. A great example of this was our Hexayurt project with Vinay Gupta during the first semester of 2011.

We also organise lectures, seminars and workshops with diverse range of internationally respected artists and thinkers. Our weekly visiting artist lecture programme, Talking Heads, includes major figures from contemporary art and the art world presenting lectures and taking part in discussions with students and staff. In recent years this series has included visits by: Brian Catling, Amikam Toren, Siobhan Hapaska, Dan Hays, Brian Eno, Elizabeth Magill, Victor Burgin and James Lingwood, the Director of Artangel.

Visits to artists’ studios, mostly in London, are a regular option on our course. For example, we visit Simon English and Fiona Banner at the studio they share in North London.

From all this it should be clear that we do not define art in terms of one particular medium or another. Art for us is structured in ideas. Whether you work in a specialist medium, sculpture, painting, the electronic space of the internet, or actual social spaces in the world at large, you will be encouraged to experiment in the widest possible range of materials and media appropriate to your interests. Our staff, lead by Pathway Coordinator, Nick Stewart, bring extensive experience of art practice, and the thinking that informs it, to the development of your work. http://www.nickstewart.org.uk/

You can also further your knowledge and experience of
contemporary art supported by interdisciplinary opportunities within Fine Art and across the various faculties of the University of Southampton, our parent institution and one of the top research universities in the world.

As well as our regular trips to London, we also have a working relationship with the internationally respected John Hansard Gallery, located at the University of Southampton’s main Highfield campus, only fifteen minutes from WSA. http://www.hansardgallery.org.uk/

Our Research Centre, The Winchester Centre for Global Futures in Art Design, provides opportunities to study with a range of internationally celebrated academics art historians and theoreticians such as; Professor Jonathan Harris, Professor Ryan Bishop, Dr August Davis, Dr Jussi Parikka and Dr Sunil Manghani. http://www.southampton.ac.uk/wrc/

You will be presented with regular opportunities to exhibit your work both at WSA and in our annual London exhibition at the Barge House Gallery on the South Bank, five minutes from Tate Modern.


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